Career Change Mentoring program options and events include

One to One Mentoring Programs

Working together on your individual program- career change, career transition, interview coaching, leadership and change.


Group Mentoring Programs

Career Change Mentoring.


Workshops / Seminars / Webinars

Career Change Accelerator, Switching Tracks in Mid Life; Get the Job & Career You Really Want, Interview Mastery, Resume Alchemy...


Online Courses

Career Change Accelerator complete program: Individual modules including Interview Mastery, Resume Alchemy, Mindset & Regeneration in Career Change and more.


Communication and leadership

MBTI Team Building, Introduction to Mindful Leadership, Effective Communication.



Whether you choose a one to one, group or workshop program as Your Career Change Mentor I will be working with you as you go through these stages
Discover what is important to you.
Your values, interests, drivers.
Align the real you to Your career
Create a clear vision of your next Career
Design a strategy to get from here to there
Develop a mindset.
Build your foundation for Success
Take Action get out there.
Keep Moving forward.
Stay on track

Tell me what you want

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